Up and to the right: Investing in working business models

  • "The team at Plaza Ventures is made up of high-integrity thought leaders in the early stage investment arena. These important attributes along with strong deal sourcing and intelligent financial structures was what attracted me to them.“
    Sheldon Pollack
    Founder and Vice Chairman, OnX Enterprise Solutions
  • Stimulating an increase in angel capital is a strategic objective of BDC Capital, and we believe that the Plaza Ventures investment model, more particularly their Investment Partner Program, will help us reach that objective. It is a promising market development that has potential to unlock ‘smart’ angel capital for promising early-stage growth companies. Plaza Ventures is backed by a successful and committed team with a demonstrated investment track record. We look forward to continuing our investment partnership with them.
    Michael Mahon
    Michael Mahon
    Director of Strategic Investments and Partnerships, BDC Capital.
  • Plaza Ventures is a key component of the private allocation of Globalive Capital’s portfolio. The team at Plaza sees most deals in Canada and screens them with a rigorous process resulting in investments that we are comfortable have been made through a formulaic conclusion. For those looking for reasonably early stage, technology exposure that is managed smartly and consistently in a very fair fee model for investors, you should meet and consider Plaza Ventures.
    Brice Scheschuk
    Brice Scheschuk
    Chief Financial Officer, Globealive Comunications

Plaza Ventures Investment Partner Program: Opportunity by Design

Our investment partners (private investors) are the life blood of our practise. The model we deploy has several benefits and opportunities that should be of interest to you.

Micro-Funds with No Management Fees: We collect capital in special purpose Limited Partnerships when we have deal flow to support a few investments. This occurs roughly once per year. We deploy the capital into a minimum of four deals within six to nine months. We do not sit on your capital and we do not take management fees – we’re co-investors rather than asset managers. We share in profits once 100% of invested capital is returned. This creates a co-investor psychology that you will appreciate.

Risk Mitigation through Spread and Stage: We invest in a minimum of four deals per Micro-Fund. Cherry-picking deals is tough for the smartest angels or wealth managers among us; we prefer to spread the risk across multiple deals but retain concentration so that one exit can deliver return of the whole fund (and then some). Investing in growth stage companies with proven market traction changes the game from speculation risk to execution risk. The combination of four deals at growth stage presents a complementary alternative strategy in your venture investing.

Access to superior Deal Flow and Terms: Because we co-invest actively with other VC’s and operate like a VC in the market, we get access to great later-stage companies that wouldn’t go to the angel forums. And because we invest like a VC writing substantial cheques, we command good terms and implement solid structures. Invest with confidence.

Participation with Portfolio Companies: We encourage our investment partners to become as active with us as they would like to be: marrying expertise with time and desire can help to qualify investments, open doors to customers and partners, and more. For the right portfolio company, you can be an active advisor or even our representative on the board of directors.