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Plazacorp has been a distinguished real estate developer since the 1980s, completing $3B of residential and commercial development in the Greater Toronto Area with more than $3B currently under development. Please see the condominium website.

We became involved in technology investing as a means to diversify and to contribute to the entrepreneurial economy. Since 1998 we have invested in over 50 technology companies.

Plaza Ventures was established as a formal investment practice in 2008. We co-invest our capital alongside an esteemed group of private angel investors and BDC Capital in a series of Micro-Funds. We are active contributors to a wide array of startup initiatives and we have invested in early stage funds and accelerators across Canada, completing follow-on investments in several graduates from these programs.


Up And To The Right

We now invest in B2B companies with $3M or more in revenue, with product-market fit, proven business models and high-functioning management teams. We provide $500K to $1.5M in funding into Series A (or A+, B-) rounds. We are sector agnostic, focusing more on business fundamentals than industries, although we have affinity for, and expertise in, enterprise software, IoT, digital media and mobile.


Building Value Together

We are known as value-added investors, helping to solve problems, accelerate growth and deliver liquidity outcomes. Our outstanding group of LPs delivers world-class connectivity to enterprises for sales and partnership development. We prepare our companies for subsequent financings with strategy and governance work, and we continue to support our companies financially on the way up.