One of the world’s fast-growing mobile ecosystems, Keek is a short-video social networking platform with millions of regular users and billions of page views served monthly. Keek’s 36-second, blazingly fast raw video format shares people’s experiences and cultures in a unique and compelling way. Keek is supported in over 30 languages and is a top app in many countries worldwide.

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Locationary develops crowd-sourcing and big-data management solutions for the location-based services industry. Their CMS and Saturn platforms were conceived to fix the error-plagued and fragmented local business data market. After successfully deploying the platforms with marquis clients, Locationary was acquired by Apple in 2013.

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Arcestra ‘indexes the built world’, providing architecturally accurate mapping of buildings and spaces. Arcestra’s first market vertical is commercial real estate, where their proprietary platforms enhance the management and presentation of buildings and vacancies, driving down time to lease and improving the whole experience for all constituents.

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Early Growth-Stage Technology Venture Capital

Plaza Ventures is focused on technology companies with $1M plus in (recurring) revenues, those that have demonstrated early market traction and reduced product risk. We are investing in execution; building out management teams and achieving metrics-driven sales & marketing growth.

We are sector agnostic but prefer to invest where we can have an impact with our expertise and connections. We will not invest in biotech, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, mining, renewable energy projects, manufacturing, automotive or industrial. We prefer to invest locally, roughly within the Toronto-Waterloo-Montreal triangle, as regular face time with management is important to us.

Companies meeting our criteria and wishing to engage us, please apply via our Gust portal here.



Plazacorp has been a distinguished real estate developer since the 1980′s. We have completed $3B of residential and commercial development in the Greater Toronto Area, with $3B currently under development. The company has re-branded its condominium development operations as “Plaza” and operates the real estate web site at

We became involved in technology investing as a means to diversify and to contribute to the entrepreneurial economy. Since 1998 we have invested in over 50 technology companies.

Plaza Ventures was established as a formal investment practise in 2008. We act as a professionally-managed conduit for angel investment via our Investment Partner Program. We are friendly co-investors with VC’s and family offices. We have invested in early stage funds and accelerators across Canada and have completed follow-on investments in graduates from these programs.

Private growth-stage companies

We provide $500k to $1M in funding into pre-A or A-rounds, often coupled with advisory services to help accelerate growth and deliver liquidity outcomes. Our current focus is on companies with $1M+ (preferably $2M+) in recurring revenues, looking to build on early product-market traction with investment in sales & marketing.

Seed-stage companies

We will consider exceptional pre-revenue or early revenue (<$1M) companies that tie in to our portfolio or corporate strategic initiatives.

Micro-cap public companies

We provide financing options coupled with a strategy for building value. Tactics may include acquisitions of complementary technologies and businesses, consolidation of an industry niche, addition of new talent coupled with a honing of focus, inclusion of new investors, generating analyst coverage and improving investor relations. We have also been active in helping private companies go public through CPC, RTO or IPO.


We tend to focus on companies local to the Toronto-Waterloo-Montreal triangle, as we find great value in meeting regularly with management.

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