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Plazacorp has been a distinguished real estate developer since the 1980s. We have completed $3B of residential and commercial development in the Greater Toronto Area, with $3B currently under development. The company has re-branded its condominium development operations as “Plaza” and operates the real estate web site at http://www.pureplaza.com.

We became involved in technology investing as a means to diversify and to contribute to the entrepreneurial economy. Since 1998 we have invested in over 50 technology companies.

Plaza Ventures was established as a formal investment practice in 2008. We act as a professionally-managed conduit for angel investment via our Investment Partner Program. We are friendly co-investors with VC’s and family offices. We have invested in early stage funds and accelerators across Canada and have completed follow-on investments in graduates from these programs.


Private growth-stage companies

We provide $500k to $1M in funding into pre-A or A-rounds, often coupled with advisory services to help accelerate growth and deliver liquidity outcomes. Our current focus is on companies with $1M+ (preferably $2M+) in recurring revenues, looking to build on early product-market traction with investment in sales & marketing.


Seed-stage companies

We will consider exceptional pre-revenue or early revenue (<$1M) companies that tie in to our portfolio or corporate strategic initiatives.



We tend to focus on companies local to the Toronto-Waterloo-Montreal triangle, as we find great value in meeting regularly with management.